Logistics powered by innovative Application Based technology and unsurpassed service levels created by dedicated, experienced team members

About LABExpress

We, at Laboratory Express, are a specialized App based logistics service structured specifically for the Laboratory/Medical Industry. We realize efficiently capturing pertinent data and transporting medical related materials from both internal and external origins and destinations is necessary for you to compete today. 

Laboratory Express, as a service company, depends on reliable and efficient service for our success. We are proud of our reputation for putting the customer first in every aspect of our operations. These attributes will provide growth and success for your company as well as Laboratory Express as partners in this highly competitive industry.

Please take some time from your busy schedule and view our website at: www.labexp.com

Because all logistical operations are unique, I would like to schedule a meeting at your earliest convenience to discuss your transportation needs.


Medical Specimens

Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines​


Medical Devices

Medical Equipment

Veterinary Services

Ground - Air Transport


  • Application Based Data capture and reporting for all services

  • Scheduled / Routed – Daily Routed Pickups

  • On Demand – Pickup and Delivery within 4 hours. 

  • STAT – Pickup and Delivery within 2 Hours

  • Critical – Dedicated run from Pickup to Delivery

  • 24/7/365 to support you needs

Laboratory Express is certified with the FAA/TSA and we have accounts will ALL Major Airlines, both National and Regional, as well as, National shipping companies.
Our Priority
Healthcare, Medical, Laboratory shipments are all we do, so you are our priority.
Your Needs
Laboratory Express can structure our services to meet your Transportational and Operational needs.
Shipments from each market are picked up, consolidated, shipped, and delivered the same day as picked up.